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Wrens are popular guests in many backyards, so the wren bird houses are often handmade by many yard owners. There are several parameters, which should be studied before building such a house. Wrens are small-sized birds and don’t need large houses. However, some needs of these birds must be considered before building a house. Let’s take a look at the most important parameters.

Wren bird house hole size must be about one and 1/8 inches. If you make a hole larger, then the house will be used by sparrows or any other larger birds, which not everybody wants to welcome. The floor of the wren house should be 4 sq in. The hole must be 3 to 6 inches higher than the floor of the house. Wren houses don’t require any perches. Wrens just don’t need them. However, perches might attract other birds, which you don’t want coming. The roof of the wren house must be slanted in order to let the water roll off, so it stays dry.

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When you browse wren bird house plans, you will always find instructions about ventilation. Ventilation for the bird house is a must. So, if you are making a wren house, make about quarter inch holes on opposite sides of the house right under the roof. Also don’t forget about the drainage. On the bottom of the house make quarter inch holes in each of the 4 corners. Don’t forget that the bird houses need cleaning, so you must build one to have easy access to the insides. Make sure one of the walls is easily removable in order to make the cleaning easier.

The wren house must be hung or installed 5 to 10 feet high and should be placed as away from the tree as possible. Don’t install the wren house near the trunk. Try to hang it on one of the outside branches.

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10 Photos of the Take a look a 10 photos wren bird houses for home decoration

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