You can see 10 photos wooden bird cages for your home

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Wooden bird cages are a great idea for both outside and indoor birds. If you are dealing with bird breeding, you can find a lot of different large wooden cages on the modern market. At the same time if you are an owner of a single bird pet, you can find a nicely designed wooden cage on the market as well. There are different pros and cons to owning a wooden cage. Let’s look at some of them.

Wooden bird cages for sale are less available than the stainless steel houses. Actually there is a reason for that. Buying a wooden cage for your indoor pet might not be the best idea, since wood might not withstand the constant biting down it. Birds like gnawing on cage bars. Steel bars can withstand such attention for a long time, while wooden bars might become visible damaged very fast. While gnawing on wooden bars doesn’t harm the pet’s health, it will make your wooden cage look unattractive. At the same time wood is a natural material. It provides very comfortable living conditions for all the birds, since it makes them feel closer to nature.
Decorative wooden bird cages don’t provide any good living conditions for pet birds, but look very stylish. Decorative cages look very nice and can become an integral part of your house interior. At the same time hanging decorative cages along with real bird houses in your yard can look very interesting. Small decorative cages make great souvenirs.

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Wooden cages have many different uses and functions. However, if you are considering buying a pet bird, a fully wooden cage might not be such a good idea. Take some time to research other materials for the indoor cage in order to provide your birds with the best living conditions. Perches and toys can be made out of wood.

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