Pictures that will make wooden bird bath for your garden

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When you are considering making bird accessories on your own, you can take a look at some ways to make a wooden bird bath. There are some plans for wooden bird bath on the Internet. They vary from very simple to quite complicated. Wood is the simplest material to work with, so most of the DIY accessories are made from it. However, wooden bird baths might not be as durable as stone or ceramic ones. Also they might not be compatible with heaters and bubblers. So , it is important to consider this disadvantages before building or buying such a bath.

Natural bird bath doesn’t need to be wooden. In fact, the birds will appreciate just about any water source you can provide them. The best idea would be to install a fountain. Little fountains look great in the yard and provide a bird with circulation water, which is always fresh. Birds will really appreciate such fountains. If there is no chance to make a fountain, you can install a bubbler into a bath. The bubbler will provide ripples, which will attract birds and discourage mosquitoes and ants.

wooden bird bath designs

If you are considering buying wooden bird bath bowls, then you should make sure the wood is treated properly not to let the water through. In any case, wooden baths will not be as high quality as stone or ceramic ones and might loose their functionality faster than you expect. You can go for making a wooden stand for a bath, while keeping the bowl made of stone or glass.

There are many plans for bird bath making out there. Look for the simplest one at first. Once you get good at making bird accessories, you can go on to create more complicated products. Wooden baths might be easy to make, but they don’t last as long as other ones.

wooden bird bath bowls

10 Photos of the Pictures that will make wooden bird bath for your garden

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