10 a lot of pictures parrot bird cages for large rooms

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If you are about to buy a parrot, you must know some important information about parrot bird cages. If you thought that all cages are about the same, you were very wrong. There are a log of things to consider before getting a proper cage for your pet bird.

There are a lot of parrot bird cages for sale. They are all shaped differently. However, parrots prefer rectangular cages to cylinder ones. A cylinder cage might even be dangerous for your parrot. The bird can become disoriented and fall down while in the air. In case the bird is stressed it must have a chance to hide in a corner. Cylinder-shaped cages are not very comfortable for fastening perches, toys, swings and other pet accessories. The roof of the cage must be as horizontal as possible. When you will let the bird out, such roof will make a comfortable place for putting toys and other things to entertain the bird while its out.

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Best parrot cages don’t have grids on the bottom. Parrot’s feet are designed to walk on perches, branches and etc. Grid will be very hard for the parrot to walk on. If the cage has a grid bottom, the parrot won’t be able to walk around fast. It can even get stuck and hurt itself. When you are buying a parrot cage pay close attention to the space between the bars. It must be at least 12 mm, otherwise the bird can climb through the bars or stick its head through and get stuck. This is very dangerous since the bird can hurt or even kill itself.

Don’t forget to properly clean your parrot cage. The more often you do it the better. Ideally cleaning should be done daily. However, not all owners have a chance to do it that often. Try to clean the cage at least twice a week.

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