Very comfortable bird food dispenser, see photos

bird food dispenser
automatic bird food dispenserbird seed dispenserbird food dispenserwall mounted bird food dispenser

The right bird food dispenser is very¬† important for the health of your bird. Also it will prevent you from cleaning up too much mess made by the bird in its cage. The perfect dispenser can be hung on the outside of the cage. However, it is not possible with some of the cages. If the cage is initially designed so you can install an outside dispenser, go for it. First of all, it will […]

The best cage for cockatiel with photos

parakeet and cockatiel in same cage
what size cage for a cockatielwhat size cage does a cockatiel needbird cages cockatielcage size for cockatiel

If you are about to buy a cockatiel then you need to learn some information about these birds. You should start by choosing a proper cage for cockatiel. These birds come from Australia where they live in open spaces and fly a lot during the day. That’s why their cage must be as large as possible. Of course, the size will depend on the amount of space you have, but the larger the better. At […]

10 a lot of pictures bird breeding supplies for your house

bird nesting boxes with camera
bird nesting boxes plansbird nesting boxes with camerabird breeding supplies onlinewhere to buy bird breeding supplies

When you are considering breeding your birds, you should be purchasing proper bird feeding supplies. These supplies might not be available in just any pet store, so you might need to go further to find them. For some birds you would need to be looking for special cages. The place where they usually live might not be large enough for breeding purposes. After you purchase a cage, you must equip it with necessary accessories. For […]

Top 10 convenient for pigeon breeding cage for your house

pigeon breeding cages design
pigeon breeding cages designroller pigeon breeding cagespigeon breeding cage sizecage for pigeon

If you are considering breeding pigeons you must create proper conditions for such process, which involves getting a proper pigeon breeding cage. Usually the indoor pigeons start breeding in the beginning of spring, so you must prepare the cage for their needs during that time. The preparation starts by washing, cleaning and disinfecting the cage. Then you should be placing small wooden boxes. These boxes will be filled by sawdust or plaster. This is where […]

See where you can buy a wild bird food store, a wide range

wild bird food company
wild bird food storeswild bird food pricesharrisons wild bird foodthe wild bird food company

If you are planning to have wild bird flying to your yard, you need to find the wild bird food store, which will sell the seed you need. Wild birds have less requirements for their food than your indoor pets. This is due to the fact that they have other sources of food. They can get vitamins from other places, while your pets rely on their owners for all the necessary elements. However, this is […]

Interesting ideas for making bird feeders with trays with their own hands

cage bird feeders
standing bird feederswoodstream bird feedersnuttery bird feedersmesh bird feeders

Bird feeders with trays are a great idea for those people who don’t like a lot of mess in their backyard. Birds are messy creatures and like throwing food out of feeders. This creates a lot of garbage on the ground, that will eventually rot and cause bad smells. Those who have been feeding wild birds for a while are very familiar with the mess which appears on the regular basis and is very hard […]

Check out our cheap wild bird food, see how it looks

cheap wild bird seed
cheap wild bird foodcheapest bird seedcheapest bird foodcheap wild bird seed

If a lot of birds are coming to feed in your yard, you need to consider buying cheap wild bird food. However, cheap food might sometime mean bad quality. So, it is important to check the ingredients before going for the cheap seed mix. Cheap mixes might not have enough vitamins and minerals for the birds you are feeding. Sometimes your feeders become the only source of food for birds, especially in the winter. So, […]

Take a look a 10 photos bird bath bubbler to backyard

cage bird bath
marble bird bathclay bird bathbird baths and feedersbird bath dish

Bird bath bubbler is a great idea for your backyard water baths. The ripple this bubbler creates will reflect the light and do wonders for attracting the birds to your yard. At the same time it will keep the mosquitoes and ants away from the water, which is also a great function. Bubblers can be purchased over the Internet. Some of them might be costly, however, if you look for some deals or maybe wholesale […]

Top 10 big bird feeders for more birds

starling big bird resistant feeders
big bird food ideasbig bird seed cleanerstarling big bird resistant feedersmake big bird feeders

Big bird feeders are a good choice for large yards. If you made a decision to do everything you can to attract birds to your territory, you should care for providing them with all the accessories they need. Feeder are the first thing you must worry about. They should be durable, placed up high and covered not to allow rain and snow to wet the food. Large birds need larger feeders while small ones can […]

The most beautiful bird cages for decoration for your home

hoei bird cages
wrought iron bird cagesdecor bird cagesbird cages and standsexotic bird cages

If you are choosing bird cages for decoration, there are several things you must consider. First of all is the size. Bird cages are usually made to be large. Think about the size of your room and the place where you want the cage to stand. Do you have furniture which will accommodate a large cage? What will you do to decorate it? Perhaps, a better idea would be to start with smaller cages. They […]