Take a look a 10 photos macaw bird cage for your house

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Providing comfortable housing conditions for your bird pet is one of the most vital things you can do for its health and happiness. Let’s discuss some important factors you need to consider before choosing a large cage such as a macaw bird cage.

The first thing you must think about is the macaw bird cage size. There are no precise recommendations about what length, width and height of such cage should be. However, there are minimal requirements, which should be met in order not to make the large bird feel uncomfortable. The main characteristic, which should be considered is will the macaw be able to freely spread its wings, while being in a cage. Also you should be considering how much time the bird will be spending in its home. The more time your are panning to keep the bird inside the cage without letting it out for a walk, the larger the cage should be.

macaw bird cage size

When you are choosing the best macaw bird cage for sale, there are some more factors to consider. For large birds the placing of the feeder is very important. A perfect feeder must be very well fastened to the cage so the bird will have not chances to move it or turn it over. The garbage protection is usually installed in the cages for large parrots. However, you must still make sure that it is there. Otherwise the birds will be throwing all the garbage right on the floor and you will have a tough time cleaning it.  Such protection is usually made from Plexiglas or metal.

Make sure you pay special attention at the cage bar thickness. If the bars are not thick enough, a macaw can easily bend it. Don’t forget to buy some perches for your birds. Usually some of them come together with a cage, but they are often too small. Purchase perches of proper size separately.

macaw bird cages for sale

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