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Once the bird is purchased and the bird cage is set up, it is time to make sure your pet is eating bird food you get for it. Usually the best food for your bird is sold in pet stores. You can make the bird food yourself, however it is hard to make sure that it is well balanced. Bird food must contain all kinds of vitamins a bird living indoors might need. At the same time it might even be cheaper than if you decided to by appropriate ingredients separately and then make a proper mix.

Food for birds is very different. There is no universal bird food that you can buy to feed all types of birds. Every bird needs its own special set of vitamins and minerals depending on its health requirements. For example, some birds are prone to having problems with their bones, which means they will need food full of calcium. Others are in greater need of vitamin C and etc. Once you buy a certain type of food for your bird, make sure that you keep buying the same kind all the time. Changes in the bird’s diet must be made very slowly in order to not do damage the bird’s digestive system.

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Avian bird food products also vary depending on the bird’s living conditions. An indoor pet needs a completely different mix of vitamins and minerals than the bird, which is living outside. That is why if you are buying food for the outdoor birds, the regular indoor bird food might not be sufficient. However, the birds, which come to feed to your backyard, have less requirements for the type of food they get, that is why you can save money by buying regular bread and nuts to feed these birds. In order to keep them healthy, ask for some vitamins in the pet store and add them to the food.

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