The best 10 diy bird bath for beloved pets

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If you are a bird lover and would love to get creative about the bird’s accessories here are some great ideas for the DIY bird baths.

• Balcony bird bath. If you’d like to mount a bird bath on your balcony, there is nothing that can prevent you from doing it. Go to the store and get some cheap large flower pots. Glue a plate or a saucer to the bottom of a flower pot to cover the holes and your balcony bird bath is ready!You can buy a special flower pot holder to place the bath on, or set a bath on a stand.

balcony bird bath

• An old sink. Do you have an old and useless sink lying around in your storage? Take it out and make a bird bath! Plug the drain, place some nice looking stones on the bottom, pour some water and you bird bath is ready!

• A useless bowl. Do you have a large bowl or a cooking pot you are not using anymore? Get some large twigs, stick them into the ground in a circle and place the pot on top of them. A great bath with a stand is ready!
Once you come up with a good do-it-yourself bird bath idea, your next step is to find out how to keep bird bath from freezing. Your best choice is a bath heater. The bird bath heater will not cost a lot, and will save you energy.
However, you must make sure that the material you DIY bird bath is made of can withstand heat. Obviously plastic flower pots will be useless when it comes to heating. The sink bath is great for heated water as well as a glass bowl. Remember that the safety of the birds that come to drink water in the winter is extremely important. Make sure that they are not hurt by the overheated water. The best way would be to arrange the heated bath so the birds are not able to sit on it. This way they will not bathe and get frozen afterwards.

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