The best cage for cockatiel with photos

bird cage for cockatiel

If you are about to buy a cockatiel then you need to learn some information about these birds. You should start by choosing a proper cage for cockatiel. These birds come from Australia where they live in open spaces and fly a lot during the day. That’s why their cage must be as large as possible. Of course, the size will depend on the amount of space you have, but the larger the better. At first you must consider the length. Get the cage which is as long as possible and then look at the width and height. The minimum size of the cage for cockatiel should be 50x50x65 cm (length x width x height).

Bird cage for cockatiel should be at least as big as mentioned. While flying in such cage maybe problematic, the bird will have an opportunity to jump from one perch to another and spread its wings fully. This is very important for the bird’s health. If you are thinking about getting a friend for the cockatiel, then the cage should be larger. The minimum size for 2 cockatiels is 100 x 50 x 65. i.e. it should be twice as long as the cage for one bird. No matter how large the cage is, you should allow the bird or birds to fly out of the cage every once in a while.

bird cage cockatiel

In order to choose the best cage for cockatiel, you must learn about the shape. There are so many different bird cages on the market today, that anyone can easily get lost. The best shape for cockatiel cage is a rectangle. The base can be somewhat rounded. Round cages are not recommended for such birds, since they do not feel safe in them. Many of the cockatiels like to sleep in a certain corner of the cage.

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