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There are many bird seed companies out there and choosing the right one can be quite complicated. All depends on the situation you are in. Which birds will you be feeding? If you have a pet bird, then there is no problem. Most of the companies will produce food for your bird as long as it is not too exotic. However, if you are feeding wild birds, you need to do some searching. First of all, you must learn which birds are visiting your yards. You must remember that there is no one-seed-fits all. Each birds type has its own requirements. So when you are buying seed, you should consider that.

When you are purchasing a seed mix, you need to consider bird seed ingredients. There are some which are useless for birds, but manufacturers put them inside in order to create volume. For example, try to avoid milo seed. Most of the birds can’t bite through this seed and it just gets thrown out of feeders and causes a big mess on the ground. Also, if you are running out of bird food, you can use the list of the ingredients on the box or a bag to make your own. Remember, wild birds need a lot of vitamins, so the seeds must be properly mixed. By leaving the important seeds out of the food ration, you can inadvertently cause problems for wild birds’ health.

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When you have chosen the seed and the feeder, take a look at bird feeder stands. Using stands is a wonderful idea. They are very useful for territories which don’t have too many trees to hang the feeders on. At the same time, stands are squirrel proof, since the animals can’t climb the smooth pole. Feeders on poles are usually easier to reach for cleaning. So, if you are considering installing many bird feeders, stands are a great way out.

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