Interesting ideas for creating bird feeders for kids

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Finding the easy-to-make bird feeders for kids is a great idea for quality time spending with your family. Kids will love making something with their own hands while being in a company of an adult, who will be showing them what to do. Kids should start with making easy bird feeders such as the ones made from milk cartons or other easy to handle materials. If you decided to start making bird houses from wood, you must teach your kids all about safety when working with such instruments as hammer and saw.

Making bird feeders is always fun. There are a lot of ways to make a feeder without using any instruments. For example, searching your kitchen for old bowls is a great place to start. A glass bowl will make a great bird feeder. All you need to do is use your imagination in order to install it properly and it is ready! Don’t forget that the bird feeder shouldn’t be placed on a ground. Birds might not appreciate these feeders since they put the birds in danger of being eaten up by predators. So when you are considering where to place the bird feeder, make sure you do it as high as possible.

bird feeders for kids

Easy bird feeders for kids are the ones that don’t require any sawing or hammering. However, once you make the easy bird feeders, it might be wise to teach your children how to work with wood. Wood is the best material for any bird accessories, including the feeders. If your kids go to school, they can easily learn how to work with instruments. They will be grateful to you for teaching them these important skills in the future. At the same time the wooden feeder looks much better than the ones made from an old snickers and cartons and will definitely last longer.

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