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If you are about to become a lucky owner of a conure, you must choose among the best bird cages for such parrots. Before you bring the conure home, the cage must be chosen, purchased and well equipped. First of all, you must choose the properly sized cage for your new pet. These parrots need large cages and a lot of toys. A very smart and a constantly busy conure will need a cage where it can safely open its wings and not touch the wires. Its tail shouldn’t touch the cage bottom and it must be able to clean itself while standing.

The smallest the best bird cage for conure should be at least 60x60x90 cm. But you must remember, the rule of thumb: “The bigger the cage, the happier the pet.” The size should always be a little bigger than recommended by the veterinarians. Choose a cage with several horizontal perches, so the bird can jump around an exercise easily. Make sure that the tray can easily be inserted into the cage and is easy to remove for cleaning. Remember, the tray should be cleaned daily in order to provide a healthy environment for your large pet bird. The bottom of the cage must be gridded in order to stack the garbage such as seed and excrements. This way the bird won’t have to play around in the garbage.

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When you choose between the available conure bird cages, carefully look a the cage details. Any uneven surfaces or chipped paint are dangerous for the bird, since it will bite down on them and swallow something which it can choke on. Don’t choose a wooden cage since this bird will bite down on it until it yields. Make sure that all the doors the cage has are easy to open and the latching is properly made in order to keep the bird inside.

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